• Belt size is measured from where the leather ends at the buckle end to the middle hole at the tip end.
  • Belt size is not measured from end to end or the full length of the belt. However, in some cases, the belt size is measured from end to end. If this is the case, it will be clearly described on the product description page.
  • Ordering the Correct Size of Belts is very important. In most cases, belt size is measured from where the leather ends at the buckle end to the middle hole at the tip end. If you have your own belt for reference: The simplest way to order the correct belt size is to select the most comfortable belt that you own. Lay the fully extended belt on a flat surface. Measure the distance, in inches, from the hole that is most comfortable to where the belt folds around the buckle. Do not include the length of the buckle. This number is your correct belt size. If the measurement number is an odd size, order the next even size. Example: your belt measures 33 inches, order a size 34 belt.
  • If you don't have a belt that fits: Break out the old measuring tape. This really is important. Don't try to guess, or assume you wear a certain size, just because the last belt you bought was that size. Instead, break out the measuring tape and measure exactly how and where you like your belt to sit on your hips, making sure to put the tape through your belt loops. Add some extra inches if you intend to wear the belt on the outside of your shirt.
  • If you don't have measuring tape on hand or you don't have a belt of your own for reference: For belts with numeric sizes, order one size larger than pants waist size. (32" waist takes a 34" belt.) For belts with letter sizes use the chart below. Measurements are in inches. The letter sizes are for general reference only, individual product may have its own customized sizing, i.e.: S-30", S/M-32", so it is recommended to always look at numeric size or measurement if they are available. Usually a belt comes with 5 holes, 1" apart. If you have the measurement of where you will wear the belt, it would be more comfortable to select a size that is about 1 or 2 inch bigger than the actual measurement. If you want to wear this belt lower than usual, even bigger size should be considered Usually order one size larger than pants size

For cut-to-fit one-size-fits-all clamp on buckle belts or ratchet belts, they can be resized easily, please read to following instruction for detail: How to re-size CUT TO FIT clamp on belts: Select your favorite belt strap or clamp on belt; Select one or more clamp on buckle with the same width specification Measure your size; Remove the buckle if the belt comes with a buckle Cut the belt strap at buckle end; Clamp on the buckle to the strap; Tools you may need: a scissor and a small flat screw driver

Braided belts are becoming increasingly popular due to their sizing flexibility. Without predefined holes, you can fasten the buckle anywhere along the belt. However, for the best fit, ensure that the full length of the belt is at least 6 inches longer than your waist measurement.

Buckles are not measured by their exterior length or width. Instead, a buckle size is determined by interior dimensions of the interior opening. A 1 1/2" buckle has an opening that is 1 1/2" wide and it fits exactly 1 1/2" wide belt straps. This is important when working with a belt strap you already own

The width of your belt is the primary factor in determining the size of the buckle you need. The buckle should match the width of your belt. For example, if your belt is 1.5 inches wide, choose a 1.5-inch buckle. If the buckle is wider than the belt, it may shift around uncomfortably. Conversely, if the belt is wider than the buckle, it won't slide on. A properly sized buckle ensures the belt fits snugly, laying flat against your body without slipping or pinching.


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