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1 1/8" Black Cut-To-Fit One-Size-Fits-All Feather Edged Plain Leather Belt Strap


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  • Material: 80% leather. Black plain leather with Black/brown reversible option
  • Feather edges detailing; Cut to fit; Buckle sold separately
  • Work with 1 1/8"(28 mm) clamp on, interchangeable buckle
  • One size fits all - fits up to 42" (107 cm), Whole Length:48" (122 cm)
  • Size customizable (Tools needed: scissor and flat screw driver)


This one-size-fits-all feather edged plain belt strap fits 1 1/8" removable clamp on buckle. Notes: please be aware that one-size-fits-all does not mean it includes plus size. The full length of the belt strap is 48". There are total of five holes, one inch apart. It fits all measurement less than about 42" - cut to fit your measurement.