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Kids 1

Kids 1" Snap On Punk Rock Black Star Studded Leather Belt


SKU: B6027:011H

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  • Snap on, interchangeable roller buckle
  • Black matching color punk rock hardware studs detailing
  • Material: 50% leather, 50% synthetic leather
  • Width: 1" (25mm)
  • Sizing: This belt is measured from buckle fold to center hole, order about 2" larger larger than pants size for best fit, e.g. 22" pants/waist take size S-24" belt; 33-35" pants/waist take size XL-36" belt


Notes: the size chart does not include buckle length. There are total of five holes, 1 inch apart. It is recommended to select size from buckle fold to center hole that better matches measurement of your waist or where you wear this belt. It would be more comfortable to measure where you will wear the belt, add 1-2", and then pick the size where this number falls.